your brand = your design foundation

We believe building your brand – thoughtfully and intentionally – is the most effective way to not only reach your audience, but connect with them in a way that makes engaging with you a smooth and obvious decision for them.

The process of creating a brand is different for every client and budget, but will always include 3 distinct steps: discovery, design, and delivery.


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our process


We’ll get inside your head and dig into industry comparable research to lay a solid foundation to our design approach. We’re thorough up front to really define your brand so all collaboration in design is based on clear, shared goals.

Discovery includes:

  • Meeting you in person or via video call to chat about your passion, goals, and values for your brand
  • Exploring your ideal audience and how to reach them
  • Collaborating on inspiration boards to lock in your visual and verbal style


When you start with a solid purpose, design just flows. We’re not out just to make things pretty or look like everyone else. Your brand has to be true to your values, have a distinct visual style, and bring you the impact and results you’re after.

Design includes:

  • In-person presentation of design directions, when possible
  • Consistent communication while finalizing your brand with requests and revisions
  • Your enthusiastic approval on the final brand package


We work hard to provide you with a timely, excellent quality final brand that fits within your budget. A brand that reflects exactly who you are; one that you’ll be proud to have represent you within the community and city you serve.

We’ll deliver:

  • A full brand kit of final files to get you off and running with your new identity
  • A style guide outlining all design choices and recommendations for use
  • Your choice of branded marketing materials from business cards to social graphics

you’ve got questions.

Yes! But we’d be doing you a disservice if that’s all we provided you.

Logos come alive with all of the “parts” that go with them. Fresh photography, a distinct color palette, recommended fonts for print and web applications, and consistent language all contribute to the overarching design of your brand that makes you more recognizable over time.

Our approach to branding is an overall kickstart to your image so you can launch with a fresh look from every corner of your organization. Trust us, it’s worth it to do this up front so you don’t have to scramble going back to revise your materials months down the road.

Don’t you feel it when you’re being sold something? Suddenly the human connection disappears and you feel like a potential number on a sales report. You change the channel, you walk away, you click to close, you disengage. We sometimes struggle even using the term “marketing” because it almost cheapens the amazing work you’re doing.

Our approach to marketing is to speak to your audience in the form of an invitation.

We focus our energy on getting extremely clear on who you are, what you do and what bigger movements you are a part of in the world. The foundation of this approach is solid branding. We believe when you speak from a place of clear identity and passion, you don’t have to “sell” anyone to engage with you.

We keep our pricing transparent so you know you’re getting as much value as possible for your dollar. We estimate projects up front based on the ratio of assets provided by you and what we’ll be creating from scratch.

Branding Packages

We worked hard to put together tiered package pricing that keeps your budget in mind. Contact us for a rate sheet – we’d be happy to customize a package for your needs.

A la Carte Projects

  • Design production is billed at $100/hour for a la carte projects.
  • We only bill for design production because it’s the easiest way for us to estimate the cost properly up front so you won’t get any suprise invoices for extra time.
  • We don’t bill for administrative tasks: initial consultations, follow up phone calls, or print quoting or ordering.


If you have several projects in mind for the next few months or ongoing work needed, we recommend working on retainer.

  • Design production is billed $75/hour for retainer clients.
  • We set due dates for each project by the first of the month and allot time for each piece.
  • If we finish a project under our time estimate, we’ll let you know we have room to bump something up sooner from the following month.
  • Helpful for sticking to monthly marketing budgets.

If you are concerned about your budget, we’re happy to chat with you to see how we can optimize what you’re working with. It might mean outlining a multi-phase plan, or payment plan – we can get creative!

This is a very important question to us!

We project completion dates based on the following:

  • Standard turnaround times (varies by project, with weekly updates)
  • Our schedule capacity
  • The amount of assets you can provide us (copy, photography, examples of previous materials, etc)
  • Your requested completion date

A standard brand package is generally completed in 4-6 weeks from kickoff to style guide delivery.

Rushed work isn’t our favorite type of work, but we’d be happy to discuss an urgent request with you and see how we can make it work!

We work hard to take things off your plate as much as possible, but the nature of this work often requires client insight and contribution.

We may ask you for things like:

  • vision, values, mission statement, or other copy
  • imagery or photographs
  • login credentials
  • feedback and approval on proofs

“…manageable and even fun”

“Nick made what seemed overwhelming, manageable and even fun. We were given the guidance we needed, they came up with very impressive designs from which to choose, and were very responsive in getting back to us and sticking to the timeline we had decided upon. We are thrilled with the results and will not hesitate to hire Nick and Sophie again.”

Kathy Ahern, A Child’s Hope Spokane

Are you ready?

Let’s chat about how to make your next moves quicker with the help of the design roadmap we create together. Complete our simple brand inquiry form, and we’ll follow up with you within 2 business days to schedule your complimentary kick-off call.

Let’s do this!